ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions

Process Flow Automation Software Solutions

One of the identified agents through which the world will constantly experience change is technology. In the business of trying to make information available in the right form to the right user both at the personal and organizational levels, and at the right time, the bid to cope with great flood of information has led to the need for a more sophisticated way of handling information faster and better.

Business Solutions, Programs and Systems

  • Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS); Forms part of our operations management that focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing organizational business processes. It can therefore be described a process of optimization. BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. Our processes can impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization. As a policy making approach, our BPM sees processes as important assets of any organization that must be understood, managed, and developed to identify value added products and services to clients or consumers. Our approach closely resembles other total quality management or continual improvement processes methodologies. Our processes are supported, or enabled through technology that optimizes the capacity of people and/or technology.
  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECMS;

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM covers the management of information within the entire scope of an enterprise whether that information is in the form of a paper document, an electronic file, a database print stream, or even an email. At BSA we believe in making the management of corporate information easier through simplifying storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention. The benefits to an organization include improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs.

  • Process Optimization Solutions (POS)

Our Process Improvement and Optimization Consulting focuses on maximizing Organization’s unrealized potential and getting the highest performance out of automation investments. Through Consulting, we identify and quantify  performance improvements that can be expected from enhanced automation.  Advanced automation technologies and techniques are explored to enable pushing closer to quality or Organizational limits and operating at maximum profitability targets.

 All applications developed by BSA Software can be hosted either by our clients on their own IT infrastructure, or conveniently and totally hassle-free through our in-house Cloud Services offering.

Cloud based application hosting takes the pressure off local IT infrastructure and staff, increases up-times often to near 100% over long periods of time and takes the hassle out of loading programme patches, version upgrades, as well as the conceptualisation and execution of daily backups and disaster recovery planning.

Industrial strength firewalls and encryption standards ensure the highest levels of intruder detection and avoidance at all times to keep your data safe.